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Our Coaching Program

We’ve had athletes that have been a part of our program for the past 5 years. Athletes come to us who want personal care and attention to their weekly routine. I’ve found the number one factor that determines athlete success is being consistent and setting realistic goals.  I love being a part of that process, planning your season, working to find the right sport-life balance, and helping you adapt when life throws you a curveball. Our monthly coaching plans include unlimited athlete/coach communication.

Reach your full potential

With TTR coaching

Personal Triathlon Coaching

Your training program is delivered via FinalSurge app. Starting at $300/m.

Personal Run Coaching

Your personalized running plan is delivered via FinalSurge mobile app. Starting $200/m.

One-On-One Sessions

Coached sessions for swimming, cycling, and running. Starting at $75/hr.