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Coach Dan

My Background

I started my coaching career as a swim coach back in 2008 and officially launched TTR in 2016. I’ve had a lot of great mentors, the one who made the greatest impact on me was coach Steve who I served as an assistant swim coach to for two years in 2012-2013. He was the first coach I ever worked with who focused on personal improvement above everything else and his methods have become key components of the TTR program. I graduated with a degree in education and love teaching & coaching still to this day.

I am very grateful to have been coached by and race on the HFP program led by Shannon Kurek in the midwest. He is a legendary race director and a pioneer in the multi-sport community and puts on my favorite race called The American Triple-T which is 4 triathlons in 3 days. He taught me training plans should be easy to follow and his coaching approach is very similar to the structure I see in many athletes I’ve spoken to who have been coached by Dave Scott.

Dan & Coach Steve

Personal Results

I started Training To Race with the goal of cultivated a community of athletes who are dedicated to self-improvement. Here’s some of my race results I am proud of:


  • MUSF Sprint Triathlon: 36th Overall (First Race)


  • Houston Woods Triathlon: 1st Overall

  • Fit To Fight Triathlon: 3rd Overall

  • Speedy Feet Triathlon Race #2: 6th Overall

  • Speedy Feet Triathlon Race #1: 7th Overall

  • Tri-Tech Sprint Triathlon: 11th Overall

  • East Fork Triathlon: 11th Overall


  • Tri Indy Sprint Triathlon: 2nd Overall

  • Dayton Triathlon: 2nd Overall

  • Kettering Splash & Dash: 2nd Overall

  • Redhawk Run: 2nd Overall


  • Max Performance Triathlon: 1st Overall

  • Triple T Triathlon: 1st Junior

  • Kettering Splash & Dash: 2nd Overall

  • MUSF Ohio Opener: 2nd Overall

  • Coca Run: 4th Overall

  • Spartan Triathlon: 5th Overall

  • Maumee Olympic Triathlon: 5th Overall

  • Ironman Louisville (Finisher)


  • Kettering Splash & Dash: 2nd Overall

  • Wheel & Heel Duathlon: 3rd Overall

  • Speedy Feet Triathlon: 4th Overall

  • Nun Run: 5th Overall

  • Clays Triathlon: 7th Overall


  • Lakengren Triathlon: 1st Overall

  • Wittenberg Triathlon: 3rd Overall

  • Athens 1/2 Run: 3rd Overall


  • Denver Aquaman: 3rd Overall

  • Coffman Triathlon: 4th Overall


  • OWS Grant Ranch: 1st Overall

  • Race for Independence 8k: 4th Overall

  • Boulder Sunrise Tri: 14th Overall

  • Jingle Bell 5k: 16th Overall


  • Triple T Triathlon: 4th Male Team


  • USA Masters Nationals Qualifier


  •  HB Turkey Trot 5k: 1st Overall


  • Lake Perris Triathlon: 3rd Overall

  • Oceanside 70.3: 5:25: 303rd Overall


  • Lake Perris Triathlon: 4th Overall
  • Muncie 70.3: 5:28: 112th Overall