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Getting started

Our process: 

  1. Fill out our getting to know you form 
  2. Download the FinalSurge app to receive weekly workouts 
  3. Log workouts and communicate daily with coach Dan to track improvement on fitness benchmarks 
  4. Athletes who train to race, get PRs (personal records) on race day


What’s a fitness benchmark?  

A fitness benchmark measures your functional threshold pace in swimming and running and threshold power for cycling. At TTR we take these every 4-8 weeks to track your improvement as you build toward your goal event.  

Here’s the distances/times we take benchmarks of and track: 

  • Swimming Time: 500 yard swim 
  • Cycling Power: 20 min or ramp test 
  • Running Time: 5k run 


Workouts delivered

On the FinalSurge App

Team TTR Coaching



Coach Dan

TTR Coach