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Mt. Marathon

Mount Marathon is the Super Bowl of Alaskan mountain running. 

Mt. Marathon is not your average 5k, with 3,000 ft of vertical gain going up and down a mountain. The craziest part is the speed people race this event at. The posted course record for the men is 41:26 and 47:48 for the women. 

Back in college there was a very steep hill I used to bike up we called Terrible Terrace, which went up to a 24 degree grade. Going up or down this was terrifying, at times your tire would slip out and you could barely get enough momentum to go up. 

Terrible Terrace Climb (short but deadly)

Check out the average grade from the Mt. Marathon race: 

Average grade 31 degrees



Here's some sweet race footage:

This might be one of the toughest running events I’ve ever seen. The 93rd running of the race is scheduled for Sunday, July 4, 2021. The race accepts 375 men and 375 women. If you’re looking for something crazy for 2021 after surviving the pandemic, this could be what you’ve been dreaming of! 

Good Luck Out There!

-Coach Dan, Training To Race

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