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Setting A Weekly Training Schedule

When creating your training plan to prepare for any endurance event it’s important to create a weekly schedule! I love creating a schedule with some structure so I know I’m getting the most out of my hard sessions and recovery. Developing a weekly schedule is an important first-step in creating your overall training plan.

I’m obsessed with spreadsheets, this is an example week for a run schedule for a half marathon. Click here to create a copy of this weekly planner.

I enjoy creating structure for when I’ll do my harder workout runs, easy runs, and long runs. I personally enjoy doing my long runs after an easy run day or cross training day, when my legs are the most fresh to prevent injury! I also like taking a day off after long runs for recovery. I find it’s helpful to take an easy day after workout days so that workout days are the highest possible quality every week!

Stick to it!

Once you create your weekly plan, stick to it for each training block, making minimal changes as necessary! It takes consistency to get results, if you find yourself skipping workouts every week it’s time to re-evaluate your goals and weekly plan to make sure it’s realistic for your schedule! Something I love doing each week to make sure I’m going to get my workouts in, is adding my daily workouts to my google calendar, so I set the time/place for every session, making it more likely I’ll execute on my weekly plan.

Good Luck Out There!

-Coach Dan, Training To Race

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