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Coaching and personal training.

PR this season with coach Dan

I love helping all athletes reach their goals, no matter how big or small. I come from a background and career in education and take a lot of personal pride in helping my athletes recognize their potential. I’m currently accepting new athletes for 2022, looking forward to being a part of your personal athletic journey.

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Personal Triathlon Coaching

Your training program is delivered via FinalSurge app. Starting at $300/m.

Personal Run Coaching

Your personalized running plan is delivered via FinalSurge mobile app. Starting $200/m.

One-On-One Sessions

Coached sessions for swimming, cycling, and running. Starting at $75/hr.

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I am just very happy to have gone under 2:00, I knew at the beginning of the season that this would be tough, and a very big challenge for me, but I did it and I can only thank Coach Dan for pushing me beyond my perceived limits.

Kael Royster
TTR Athlete

When I started to think about training for an ironman, I reached out to Coach Dan. He helped me prepare for the race while maintaining balance in my life. I finished in a time I’m really proud of.

Josh Hall
TTR Athlete

Thanks to Dan and TTR, they planned the work and I worked the plan! Nailed the PR!

Russ Shaner
TTR Athlete

Coach Dan’s personal attention and encouragement were invaluable. He wanted to know when I was sick, injured or even just tired and dragging. He didn’t care that I’m not and will never be an elite athlete. He made sure I had everything I needed to maximize my training experience. He told me I could do it and I decided to believe him.

Deb Cox
TTR Athlete

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